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Launch Vehicles, Satellite Systems国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗

Space markets are undergoing a renaissance with the development of new launch vehicles and mushrooming growth in new satellite constellations. We are excited about our key roles on?virtually every satellite program in the free world including the?One Web Constellation.


Valence Surface Technologies provides many different finishes for parts that are used in the space and satellite industries. The processes can range from electroless nickel to gold and silver plate and more. Many of these processes are crucial to the function of the components, so precise application is critical.


Valence has developed special processing procedures to accommodate the requirements of the satellite Industry, and its unique needs. Our specially trained personnel, from maskers to processes and inspectors, often have decades of experience, with a low turnover rate in our plants. We are well known for the plating of?satellite wave guides?and have the personnel and quality equipment to meet the stringent requirements.


This segment of manufacturing has been a part of Valence’s business for over?25 years.


United Launch Alliance国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗

Delta II
Delta IV
Delta IV Heavy

Atlas V

Blue Origin国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗

New Shepard

Virgin Galactic国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗



Commercial Crew Vehicle

Satellite Communications Systems国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗

Commercial and Defense Communications国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗

Valence supports the major defense and commercial satellite OEMs and maintains key positions on communications systems for the leading providers of commercial aerospace bandwidth including?GoGo and ViaSat.


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Orbital ATK国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗


Space Systems Loral国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗