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492 Prospect Ave.
West Springfield, MA 01089

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Valence Springfield was founded in 1944 as the Fountain Plating Company, and specializes in critical engine and air frame components. We are certified by Nadcap for chemical processing, NDT and composites and we have an AS9100 quality management system. The original test audit for Nadcap was performed at Fountain.


We offer high performance wear coating and plating processes and we are unique in our ability to processes large diameter anodize, bond primer and bonding capabilities.?


Valence Springfield has grown through our focus on delivering the highest level of quality and service coupled with strategic investments in the most comprehensive offering in the region. Today, we offer a full range of NDT, shot peen, chemical process, and paint services out of our state of the art 100,000 square foot facility. Valence Springfield is located in Massachusetts. We also provide in-house tooling and engineering capabilities.?


Square Footage国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗



Parts Per Year国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗


Processing Capabilities国民彩票官网welcome,国民彩票官网指定购彩网站,国民彩票是官方的吗


Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle

Painting / Coatings
Bond Primer
Dry Lube
Fuel Tank Coating
Sol Gel
Additional Services
Abrasive Blast
Part Mark
Shot Peen
Chemical Processing Aluminum

Anodize – Boric Sulfuric
Anodize Phosphoric (PAA)
Anodize – Type I Chromic
Anodize – Type II Sulfuric
Chemical Film – Type 1 (Chromicoat L25)
Chemical Film – Type 1 (Alodine 1132)
Chemical Film – Type 2 (Chemeon TCPHF)

Chemical Processing Hard Metals
Passivation Type I, II, III
Passivation Type VI
Titanium Etch (Pickle)


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